Plane of the dead: the mystery of the “Hole in time”

On September 16, in the fall of 1939, an airplane from one of the South American companies, the Rio de Janeiro-Havana flight with passengers aboard, successfully took off and headed for «The Island of Freedom.» After some time, the flight crew contacted the dispatcher in Havana and made a request for a weather report. It would be logical to assume that the pilots were going to land. But after this, contact with the crew of the liner was no longer possible …

The assembled commission thoroughly investigated the entire route, the coastline and the Amazon forest was surveyed, but the crew of the aircraft, along with all the passengers, seemed to have dissolved into thin air.
It would seem that the story ended here, but the liner appeared in September 1994 in Bogota, Colombia and almost became the cause of an air accident. At the moment when the Pan American liner flew over the area of the terminal and was about to land, a small airplane for the time appeared and turned into the lane. The captain of the liner turned out to be a professional and avoided a catastrophe, but at that moment the airport staff was already running to a strange plane to find out the what was going on. The technical staff did not even know what they were going to see … When the aircraft doors were opened, they were presented with a nightmare spectacle — there were 36 skeletons in place of passengers and crew! And the most remarkable thing was that there was hot coffee in the cups, and cigars are still smoldering in the ashtrays.

No on could explain this strange phenomenon. It is difficult to understand even the very fact that the plane managed to land. People are guessing that the aircraft fell into a temporal trap.