Riddle: a dead man calling to him

This happened in the village of Dunayevka in the Novosibirsk region in the 1960s. A boy lived there — Kolya Elin. His father died, and the child complained that he came to him and called him. Young people did not believe and laughed, and an old woman advised the mother that the ghost would follow behind him.

Once Kolya nearly drowned, but he was dragged out of the water in time and pumped out.

On another occasion, Kolya and his older friend, Vitya working during a vacation on a collective farm, threw up a stack. It was a sunny day. And Vitya suddenly saw the late father, Nikolay, appear from behind the stack, beckon to Kolya with his hand and then vanish!

The ghost did not look like a real person. Rather, it was a vision that appeared for a split second. But Vitya recognized him. He was shocked by what he saw and told all his relatives. But Nikolay still died young, absurdly lost. This is such a sad story.